by Jute Gyte

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Trveheimer Yo why dis guy bout to fully transcend and why is his outpout gettin so addictive lately? Best music rolled by dices ever Favorite track: Yarinareth, Yarinareth, Yarinareth.
Matthew McBride
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Matthew McBride The level and depth of the musicality are unreal. The sheer volume of quality releases is seemingly impossible.

As always the words are lyrically abstruse enough in structure but heavy enough in semantics to keep me hooked while trying to keep track of the simultaneous tempi.

Nothing matters, the self is an illusion, and we are all already dead, we just aren't dead yet.

Fuck. Favorite track: The Norms That Author the Self Render the Self Substitutable.
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D.L. This is Jute Gyte's most focused effort to date. Adam's always been amazing at finding weird ways to make black metal, but Oviri is on a whole different level, with infectious riffs and even a few genuinely emotive parts à la Memoria Vetusta II. I love how heavy the guitar tone is on "Mice Eating Gold" (the project's production has finally come into its own) and I am stunned by how the ambient is so seamlessly integrated into the whole experience. I feel comfortable saying that in my eyes this is a masterpiece, certainly JG's best, and I'm extremely excited to see what's next in store. Favorite track: Yarinareth, Yarinareth, Yarinareth.
Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? The album as a whole is extremely jarring, perhaps less so than Perdurance, but more ambivalent than Ship of Theseus, which started off this trilogy. Oviri is another brick in the landmark works of Jute Gyte for metal and music as a whole. Favorite track: Mice Eating Gold.
Louis Jagger
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Louis Jagger This time there's clarity in the horror and there's horror in the clarity. He has regimented his machines and they have marched upon Rome Favorite track: Mice Eating Gold.
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"Mice Eating Gold" and "Yarinareth..." have sections in which one guitar gradually increases in tempo while a second guitar gradually decreases in tempo in a manner similar to Conlon Nancarrow's Study No. 21. For instance, "Yarinareth..." opens with a left-panned guitar decelerating from 400 BPM to 100 BPM, while a right-panned guitar accelerates from 100 BPM to 400 BPM. At the midpoint of this process (0:36), the left and right-panned guitars momentarily converge at 200 BPM and a third, centered guitar enters at a stable 200 BPM. The guitars proceed through different configurations of these tempo gradients each time this section recurs in the track, always playing manipulations of the 24-note series 0, 3, 22, 21, 14, 17, 8, 7, 4 19, 18, 5 6, 15, 16, 23, 20, 1, 2 13, 10, 11, 12, 9.

Most of the tracks have sections in multiple simultaneous tempos, like the prolation canon in a 4:5:6:7:8 ratio in "The Norms...". "Democritus Laughing" opens with a four-measure riff that accelerates by gaining an extra note each measure in a horizontal 4:5:6:7 ratio, for a total of 22 notes. The 22 pitches played by the opening guitar were generated aleatorically by rolling a 24-sided die; the three other guitars play serial transformations of that pitch material. When the drums enter, the tempo ratio becomes vertical and the four guitars trade tempos in that 4:5:6:7 ratio every time the opening theme recurs.

The title "The Norms That Author the Self Render the Self Substitutable" is a paraphrase of a line from Judith Butler's Giving an Account of Oneself. The title "Yarinareth, Yarinareth, Yarinareth" is from Lord Dunsany's Gods of Pegāna. Lyrically and thematically this album is indebted to Ernest Becker's Escape from Evil, Thomas Metzinger's Being No One, Nick Bostrom's Superintelligence, Don DeLillo's End Zone, E. M. Cioran's Tears and Saints, and the Erra Epic.


released July 10, 2017

Created November 2014 - March 2017



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Jute Gyte Missouri

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Track Name: Democritus Laughing
The world falls apart into facts
This eternal machine for producing, crushing, swallowing up
A cemetery aimlessly revolving in space
Rot repeating itself
Where are those who were before us?
Driven along aimless desert paths
Abandoned to a wilderness of the unbearable
Lost in the uselessness of pain
See the emptiness within the ruins
The sky teeming with worms
Turn from the good back to the true
Bereft of denial’s dissociation
No return
Wings spread at the falling of the dusk
Track Name: Mice Eating Gold
The sabbath of the penal servitude of willing is only
the spiritualization of cruelty
The failed transmutation of the sorrow of
being on this earth
Mice eating gold
The hatred of everything
generates images of desolation
Repulsion for all that is a seed
Self-erasing world
To be dead, a house must be still
Let it all be deleted
Let all this foundation of earth become desolate
Wash clean the trick oracle of conscience
Shatter the hateful mirrors that multiply and proclaim
Cut off the splendor of the sun
Cover the moon in night
Roll up the scroll of heaven
The days are ended
The fixed time is passed
Open the way, I will take the road
Track Name: Yarinareth, Yarinareth, Yarinareth
To see what lay behind the blind wall
We light a fire each night in a different place
Yarinareth, Yarinareth, Yarinareth
The blind wall
The imporous border
The judge and ravisher, never sinking or setting
Yarinareth, Yarinareth, Yarinareth
The endless silence of surfaces
All these broken codes
Chains of chronology
A game played by the coincidence that is the world
Oblivion thrives on blood-ripe lives
“So perish all who cross my walls”
Track Name: Fauna of Mirrors
Neurophenomenological cave
A cell without doors or windows
The silence of infinitely open spaces
The abyss of human illusion
Blind unorganism in darkness
An island of pain in an ocean of indifference
A worm crawling upon the cosmic carrion
Confronting two mirrors
A boundless black veil
Swallowing all dimensions
Pain and awareness neurologically fused
Sever the living branch lest it puncture the void
Destroy the present tense of memory
Track Name: The Norms That Author the Self Render the Self Substitutable
The norms that author the self
render the self substitutable
The lie we need in order to live
dooms us to a life that is never really ours
Every drive is beset by foreignness
A game played by the coincidence that is the world
Self-discovery, stale and complete,
proves to be utterly futile
The vagueness of the person
in a mechanical world
spinning into decay and death
This silent struggle toward no end and no meaning
Bitter distress endured in secret
Foreboding which dries up all hope
Doleful heart, living in darkness
Wraithlike body on the point of death
The sodden lumber of the body
The heart’s void confronting time’s
The abyss of myself
An abyss in the very realizing
Track Name: Oviri
The hours that assail all things
Beneath a greater shadow’s wings
The body that performs the I
The body that curls in and dies
Ouroboros-circled abyss
Opposing mirrors of consciousness
Dust is our food, clay is our meat
Mise en abyme, mise en abyme
Beyond the sickness of the soul
Beyond the sickness of the will
Beyond the sickness of the self
Beyond the sickness of beyond
Every second is a cage
Every action is a cage
Every reason is a cage
Circulus vitiosus deus