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by Jute Gyte

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Amanda Kauffman
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Amanda Kauffman There is no one out there right now making music like this. Jute Gyte is on a completely different level compared to the majority of metal, compositionally, lyrically and thematically. Definitely not for everyone, but if you know, you know. Favorite track: Prometheus Ends in Onan.
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Aaron Dizzying and uncompromising microtonal black metal which showcases the power and beauty of musical experimentation. Probably one of the few acts in modern BM I would refer to as "singular".
Jordan Vauvert
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Jordan Vauvert On peut connaître un artiste, se préparer mentalement et se dire "j'écoute ce qu'il fait alors la prise de risque est quelque part moins élevée". Cet espèce d'acquis ne fonctionne pas avec Jute Gyte. Mitrealität, dernier album en date, est révolutionnaire, du genre à vous retourner tout entier. Des sources d'inspiration pléthoriques — culte bizarre sur "Prometheus Ends in Onan", doom explosif sur "Mitrealität" —, de la philosophie à foison... Jute Gyte fait ressentir des émotions uniques... Favorite track: The Griding Sword with Discontinuous Wound.
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No, Caesar, you were born with the blades in you Auriga Soranus whispers your name The face that once was marble now is flesh The horn of the goat seized in the serpent’s mouth Blood blossoms on the sacrificial stone The face of Taurus gleams with seven rays Five mirrors illuminate the caverned man The grain spills from the belly of the bull The places where the goats are torn apart In vitriol to find the secret stone Earth's core hot like the entrails of a beast The terracotta face of victory The labyrinth of the continuum An outcast on the mountains of the heart The inward turn becomes the inward spiral A holy hen upon the nest of night Do we not feel the breath of empty space? This ubiquitous virtual sense of loss The yawning gulf of past and future time The silent outward turn of emptiness We are the relics of our ruined past The rotting of the base material The yliaster sphere turned porphyry The everlasting pitiful “too late” Let us not speak of what we cannot have Two thousand years force-fed the flesh of Christ The sunset was mistaken for the dawn They drank the wine and now we drink the blood The solar crown becomes the crown of thorns Process as catching fire between extremes Anointed with the ash of fired gods The law revealed within the thought of death The king submerged within the ravaged mare Now supplicant before the empty throne The gray and sullen stubbornness of fact The constant fabrication of new lies In nature there is neither line nor color This cosmic order, everlasting fire The incommensurable magnitudes The deepening red of that unconquered sun Eternity is torn apart in time The profanation of the mysteries The highest values devalue themselves Osiris-Antinous is born again To you the conquerors and the pale saints Music consumed in the very act of birth The griding sword with discontinuous wound The hawk is swallowed by the snake it’s caught
There are those for whom terror is the best god Past invoked from the sacrificial pit of the present The false foundations of palsied certainties Firing at dials to stop the day Look how your earth is withering Worn out like a garment What was foreseen long ago now cannot be believed Long-haired Apollo emerges from the cask of Seleucia The altar of victory is hidden away The newborn ground gives way to death The vine fails The olive tree cheats us The burning field withers Our bones are dry, Our hope is drained, We are cut off
Dead crystalline forms Pure geometric regularity Efference copy Integer overflow Melancholic omega Quantization is spatialization Constantly decomposed into elongated pasts and futures Rays of light reflected only in mirrors Retreating and advancing in two directions at once A picture held us captive A hallucination hallucinated by a hallucination Birth of Chronos Like stepping on a swarm of flies
Mitrealität 18:40
The dusk of contact with all things The terrible latter dawns The fall into symbols The light in eternal descent The point that sets itself in motion The force which draws circle upon circle on the water The pool within pool within pool Was water all there was, deep beyond measure? They are a silence heavy with seastorms They are strangers to pity, compassion is far from them They are horses that grow to great size, that feed on mountains They feed on gods From things To thoughts of things To thoughts of thoughts To thoughts as things
Pentalpha 09:47


This album developed from an interest in making more comprehensive use of the different dimensions of musical/aural space - vertical, horizontal, dynamic, acoustic - and a search for forms that combine continuous and discrete change.

In "Pentalpha", a sequence of five chords is repeated by five interlocking voices, each voice proceeding at a different rate and dynamic level. The first voice plays a chord every measure at the lowest volume, the second voice plays a chord every two measures at a somewhat higher volume, etc. The fifth voice plays a chord every five measures at the loudest volume. The piece continues until the five voices have completed a full cycle, ending on the final chord, an A quintal triad.

The album opens and closes with lines from The Tunnel by William Gass, and is also indebted to Ernest Becker, William Blake, Cage, Camus, Cioran, M. J. Grant, Kyle Harper's The Fate of Rome, Tom Johnson, Klee, D.H. Lawrence, György Lukács, Nietzsche, Éliane Radigue, Jerome Rothenberg's translations of Mesopotamian poetry, Carl Stone, James Tenney, and John Williams. Lyrics and most music written 2017-2019, final mixes assembled throughout 2020.


released May 7, 2021

Created by Adam Kalmbach July 2017 - December 2020
Cover art: Arnold Schoenberg - Denken


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Jute Gyte

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